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This is the best place in Ecuador to see strange Oilbirds up-close.  Cueva de Los Tayos is our commercial name to the cave that attracts bird watchers to our farm.  We are Ecuadorian farmers and our income is now supplemented from the tours to the scary and mysterious birds that lurked in the caves.  We never imagined that these scary birds would become a part of our business but we are now very thankful to them and to all the bird watchers that visited us in search of the Oilbirds. 

There are two oilbird sites and both are deep ravines that have been formed by water erosion.  One of the sites is at the farm and requires good physical abilities for a 40 ft descent-and-climb on slippery ladders.  The other site is located 10 minutes from the farm and has a much easier access path for those unwilling to risk so much for the birds.

The oilbirds have taught us a new appreciation of nature and conservation.  We believe that conservation of the habitat must begin now. We have been major contributors, as farmers, to the deforestation of these hills, but we are now very conscious of our past errors and are willing to look at new ways to prevent more loss of habitat.  We own a 50 hectare patch of forest that we are protecting and invite anyone interested to bird in our farm and help us build a bird list for this area. 

We believe that the bounty of our land should benefit Ecuadorians and therefore we have decided to join the Birdwatching Conservation Association which helps us connect to form a network of Ecuadorians dedicated to conservation and the birdwatching business.

Many thanks to our sponsor the Puluahua Hostal for helping us build and manage this web site so we can reach more people interested in saving the forest through our eco-tourism programs.

Check out this great partners for affordable birding programs that support the Ecuadorian people and businesses through the Bird Watching for Conservation Association.

Mashpi-Amagusa Reserve.- The site with the highest Choco Endemic birds in Ecuador.  Visit and  see the  Indigo  Flowerpiercer, Moss-backed Tanager, Rose-faced Parrot,  and many more.

Pacto Sumaco.-  Best birding option to visit the Sumaco Biosphere National Park and help the local community of Pacto Sumaco.

Isla Corazon offers community owned birdwatching and mangrove tours.  A fantastic place to see mangrove and estuary birds and also help the comunnity of Puerto Portovelo.

Gareno Lodge - The best place to see the Rufous Potoo and to help the conservation of the Huaorani forest.

Refugio Paz de las Aves -  A great place for bird watching difficult birds up close.

Recinto 23 de Junio - The best place to see the Long-wattled Umbrellabird and help conservation.

Pululahua Hostal - Birding Tours that conserve the forest and money.


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Pacific Antwren

Black-headed Tody-flycatcher

Black-headed Tody-flycatcher